Digital Marketing Basics

In today’s market, it’s vitally important for a business to maintain a strong online presence. Around 90 % of potential customers will use the Internet as their first resource when looking for a product or service, so a person or group operating a business will want to make sure these people are able to find them. This is accomplished through the multifaceted techniques of digital marketing. If executed correctly, digital marketing techniques will certainly lead to the increased profitability of a business. It’s not as difficult as many may think – below, we’ll look at some of the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization, or just SEO, is a complicated-sounding term that means something very simple: enabling a business’s web page to appear higher in Google’s search results for a given keyword. Keywords are the words or phrases people enter into search engines – a website should be “targeted” for specific keywords, the keywords that people looking for that specific service would be most likely to enter. For instance, a florist in Greenville, South Carolina would want to target the keyword “Greenville florists” or “flower shops in Greenville,” creating excellent content related to these keywords. SEO has become ever more complicated over the years, with Google always changing its algorithm, sometimes it’s best to hire a search engine marketing company for SEO purposes. ┬áCheck out this website for a good Dental SEO Expert.

Social Media Marketing

The landscape of digital marketing is always changing. We all know of sites like Facebook or Pinterest, which are incredibly popular with users, and this is where social media marketing comes in: marketing on these platforms. SEO and social media marketing (SMM) are often used in concert to drive as much business as possible, either online or to a physical location but, depending on the nature of a business, one or the other may provide a higher ROI. A coffee shop might do better on Facebook than Google, for instance, as customers may share their high opinions with other (local) people. Within SMM, Pinterest may be better than Facebook if a business is more visually-oriented, for example a bakery that sells exquisitely-crafted desserts.

Connecting With an Audience and Gathering Leads

One of the most powerful aspects of digital marketing is that it allows business owners to connect with their customers in an unprecedented way. Companies have been responding directly to user comments on their Facebook pages, providing a personable “face” to those companies. Encouraging customers to sign up for newsletters or to give a page a “like” on Facebook helps companies to build up email lists, which can then be used to promote more offers and drive more sales (or, in digital marketing terms, “conversions“).

Make Your Message Clear

One of the most important things when it comes to success in the online world is for a business to make sure its message is clear. Both SEO and SMM rely on this – it would be difficult to target keywords without a clear message! A business or service that wants to succeed in the realm of digital marketing must have a brand that is consistent across all platforms and all campaigns, be they SEO or SMM. The purpose of a company should be instantly clear to people browsing for information.

The power of digital marketing can’t be denied: a quick look around any crowded area will show many people browsing the Internet, whether with a phone, tablet, or laptop. It permeates our lives nowadays, so to not take advantage of this opportunity wouldn’t be advisable. Digital marketing will take a business to the next level and provide a great ROI if done correctly.